Materials for Automotive

Choice can be a luxury. Gen Phoenix materials offer automakers a more sustainable route to crafting the luxurious and lasting interiors coveted by buyers.

Retaining the time-honored tradition of leather automotive interiors, without the inefficiencies that make it unsustainable—environmentally and economically. With five times the strength than traditional leather, delivered in consistent, production-friendly rolls, Gen Phoenix outperforms leather from the ground up.

Light yet luxe, Gen Phoenix materials respond to the latest wave of eco-conscious customers, helping cars lose 4 kg for fuel savings, reduced emissions, and increased range.

Why the top car companies trust Gen Phoenix

Enduring quality Streamlined production Lower weight Application versatility Limitless Design Potential

Anti-scuff and scratch surfaces help seats look better, longer, with minimal maintenance. Wears beautifully year after year without bagging or sagging, with finished materials undergoing 25,000 cycles ingress/egress testing (equivalent to 10 years vehicle life).

Consistent and uniform rolls lead to efficiencies on the production floor, eliminating the need for hide inspection, simplifying patterning, and enabling stack cutting. Use more of the material and capture significantly reduced yield loss with every cut.

Recycled leather offers high performance at a lower weight, saving 4 kg per vehicle compared to traditional leather. Consequently, cars have increased range and lower lifetime CO2 emissions.

Gen Phoenix materials work well throughout the automotive interior wherever a high performance surface is needed. Match or complement seating with applications on door panels, armrests, consoles, throughout the dashboard and instrument panel, and beyond.

Offering a mix of stock and bespoke colourways, combined with multiple textures, and coatings/finishes. Compatible with a range of design possibilities including embossing, gradient printing, stitching and perforation.

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