Lighter premium materials that outperform the heavyweights. Gen Phoenix crafts high-performance recycled leather with the quality and scale required to be a true alternative to less sustainable materials.

Demand for ethical consumption has never been higher, but customers still expect high quality and lasting products. Gen Phoenix delivers on both. A premium performance material that’s radically better for the planet, helping brands recycle more, waste less, and preserve their best-in-class standards.

Flexible inputs and immensely customizable outputs make Gen Phoenix the ideal partner for lifestyle and leather goods brands looking to transition to a circular manufacturing model without compromise.

Why top fashion brands trust Gen Phoenix

Luxury without compromise Infinitely customisable Waste reduction Lasting durability

For brands that want beautiful products made from environmentally responsible materials, Gen Phoenix outperforms the competition both in performance and sustainability measures. Our one-of-a-kind system rescues and recycles waste materials and rebuilds them better than before, helping brands deliver luxury for the climate conscious. 

Bring any design vision to life through both stock and unlimited bespoke colourways, combined with multiple textures, and coatings/finishes. Compatible with secondary processing choices including embossing, printing, laser etching, stitching and perforation.

Less waste from start to finish. Our materials start with leather waste bound for landfill, broken down to the fibre level. With our finished material, consistent and uniform rolls lead to efficiencies on the production floor and reduce yield loss with every cut.

Our materials have been engineered for performance and are up to five times more durable than traditional leather to maintain their like-new appearance year after year. Its scratch and scuff resistant and, thanks to controlled stretch, retains its shape without sagging and bagging.

Exceeding the sustainability standard

Since 2007, Gen Phoenix has been upcycling waste materials into new, lightweight, and long-lasting materials that bring sustainability goals within reach without performance tradeoffs.

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