Materials for Public Transport

When performance is key, Gen Phoenix is ready. Five times stronger than traditional leather, our materials are tried, tested, and trusted to perform better and last longer in a wide range of public transport applications.

Gen Phoenix has been pioneering sustainable alternatives to traditional leather since 2007 with public transport applications being an enduring focus area. 

In public transport, sustainability without compromise places an emphasis on durability, comfort and hygiene. Our materials endure baggage, passengers, food and beverage and more, outperforming traditional leather, fabrics, and synthetics at every turn and allowing companies to create meaningful impact in reducing waste to landfill. 

Why public transport leaders trust Gen Phoenix

Transport leaders Unbeatable longevity Infinitely customisable Minimal maintenance The height of sustainability

Found on millions of bus, rail, and airline seats around the world, Gen Phoenix is well acquainted with the challenges faced by public transport operators and verified to the highest standards in the sector: Bus ECE R118.03, Rail EN 45545:2020, Rail NFPA 130.

Gen Phoenix materials are made to last—and continue looking their best year after year, without fraying, tearing, bagging or sagging. In stretch tests, our premium options outperform the competition. For the wear-and-tear environment of public transport, the durability of Gen Phoenix materials goes unmatched. Retaining its luxury ‘just been crafted’ look for longer, it delivers operators better value for money and a more pleasant passenger experience.

Offering a mix of stock and bespoke colourways, combined with multiple textures and coatings/finishes. Compatible with a range of design possibilities including embossing, gradient printing, stitching and perforation.

Certified for UV cleaning and tested with over 100 industry recognised cleaning products, our premium materials are easy to clean and sanitise, providing a hygienic experience for every passenger and quick turnaround times for operators.

Circular manufacturing at work. We rescue waste materials bound for landfill. including thousands of tonnes of leather, and transform it into our PVC-free, recycled next-gen materials to reduce the use of PU and plastics and require less frequent replacement.

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