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In a world where up to 75% of leather hides go to waste, our founder Chris Bevan was one of the first to not just name the problem, but find a solution.

In 2007, Gen Phoenix (then ELeather) pioneered a radical new process that rescued leather offcuts destined for landfill and led a movement for sustainable manufacturing long before it was mainstream.

'07 Gen Phoenix founded as ELeather

'08 First product
for Jet2.

'15 Products reach
100 airlines.

'17 Footwear market entry with Nike.

'20 Opened second factory.

'22 Product line expansion to
automotive and fashion.

'23 + beyond Leather goods market
entry with Coachtopia.

Today, we continue to find new life in old waste, creating premium, durable materials for an ever-increasing set of applications and customers.

Our capabilities now accommodate additional feedstocks, helping Gen Phoenix regenerate up to 6 million m2 of award-winning next-gen materials annually.

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