Imagine a world where waste is no longer wasted

Circularity isn't the future. It's happening right now.

Since 2007, Gen Phoenix has been upcycling waste materials into new and long-lasting materials.


In go rescued fibres
+ recycled water. Out come
new materials with no waste to landfill.

We rescue waste materials destined for landfill, including leather offcuts and post-consumer textiles, and break them down to the fibre level before building them back up into a premium, durable material.

Our own on-site water treatment plant enables us to recycle 95% of water that we use to fuel our process.

Recycled, upcycled, or completely circular, our process and finished materials are infinitely flexible to support your sustainability goals without compromise.

Our manufacturing process is designed to eradicate waste completely, and we’ve had zero waste to landfill since 2016

Circularity means endless possibilities.

Our groundbreaking technology is powerful, proprietary, and proven at scale to revolutionize conscious consumption—today.


Bundles of waste materials like leather offcuts or post-consumer materials are rescued from tanneries and factory floors, or collected at the end of a product's life.


Methodically process, mill, and separate feedstock into soft fibres which are gently compressed into sheets of uniform fibre web.


Heat and pressure gently compress the soft fibres into sheets of uniform leather fibre web.


Two layers of fibre web and a textile core are woven together using only high-pressure water— 95% of which is recycled.


Finally, the substrate is bathed in natural oils and smoothed with a gentle buffing. Coatings are applied based on desired color, finish, feel, and sustainability priorities.

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This is sustainability
at scale.

Innovate without limits. Our revolutionary platform generates millions of m2 of next-gen materials annually with room to grow.

Start with leather offcuts or last year's fashions.

Our patented process is adaptable to a wide variety of feedstocks, including your own factory floor waste, post-consumer waste, or leather offcuts from tanneries.

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