Materials for Footwear

This is leather, upgraded. Gen Phoenix is rethinking waste, recycling it into high-performance, lightweight materials perfect for footwear with a lightened environmental footprint.

Manufactured using a fraction of the resources required by traditional leather, and produced by diverting waste streams from landfill, Gen Phoenix materials offer footwear makers a high performance alternative without compromise.

Our circular manufacturing model demonstrates the impact of sustainability at scale, helping bold footwear brands meet ambitious climate objectives while meeting or even exceeding the quality expected of their product. 

Why iconic footwear brands trust Gen Phoenix

Advanced durability Luxury without compromise Consistent through and through Infinitely customisable Classic styling

Dramatically exceeding the durability of traditional leather, Gen Phoenix materials are crafted to look great and perform beautifully year after year. Our responsibly crafted materials give brands a new avenue to creating sustainable premium products that last—closing the gap on throwaway fashion.

For brands that want beautiful products made from environmentally responsible materials, Gen Phoenix outperforms the competition both in performance and sustainability measures. Our one-of-a-kind system rescues and recycles waste materials and rebuilds them better than before, helping brands deliver luxury for the climate conscious. 

Rolls are crafted to maximize utilization. A uniform and consistent material from edge-to-edge, and from the beginning of the roll to the end, ensures you get the most out of your material yields.

Bring any design vision to life through  stock and unlimited bespoke colourways, combined with multiple textures, and coatings in a range of purpose-built thicknesses to match application needs across different footwear styles. Compatible with secondary processing choices including embossing, printing, laser etching, stitching and perforation.

Leather is a longstanding preferred material for timeless footwear styles. Our materials are virtually unrecognizable from traditional leather in most applications, yet with a lighter weight profile, superior performance characteristics, and a more sustainable manufacturing model.

Exceeding the sustainability standard

Since 2007, Gen Phoenix has been upcycling waste materials into new, lightweight, and long-lasting materials that bring sustainability goals within reach without performance tradeoffs.

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