Materials for Public Spaces

Giving new life to leather waste in places where people gather. Sustainability meets practicality in Gen Phoenix’s premium, high-performing recycled materials with unlimited potential for airports, leisure and hospitality venues.

Our premium recycled materials perform time and again in the most demanding environments, Radically different from traditional leather in the ways that count—longevity, environmental impact, waste. Yet, retaining the luxury and versatility that has made traditional leather a longtime favorite in public spaces.

Gen Phoenix-clad seating areas all over the world last and look better for longer – from terminal seating to lounges. 

Why you’ll find Gen Phoenix in public spaces

Superior performance Exceptional experience Reduced impact Design versatility PURE Guard technology

Gen Phoenix materials are made to last—and continue looking their best year after year. Advanced durability means minimal bagging or sagging and high UV resistance. All of this, with minimal maintenance. 

The ideal combination of a luxurious and comfortable finish and feel, with an easy-to-clean, hygienic surface even in high-traffic areas.

Circular manufacturing at work. We rescue waste materials bound for landfill, including thousands of tonnes of leather, and transform it into our PVC-free, recycled next-gen materials to reduce the use of PU and plastics in public spaces.

Offering a mix of stock and unlimited bespoke colourways, combined with multiple textures, and coatings/finishes. Compatible with a range of design possibilities and secondary processing choices including embossing, printing, laser etching, stitching and perforation. Supported by a dedicated design resource centre and service team.

PURE Guard technology by ELeather is a proprietary antimicrobial solution that can be integrated into any ELeather product, delivering built-in hygiene protection to offer customers and passengers peace of mind. PURE Guard effectively reduces the growth of microbes to 99.99% and is retained throughout the lifetime of the material.

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