Two companies are breathing new life into leather waste

Don-Alvin AdegeestOctober 10, 2023

Design studio INK has partnered with Gen Phoenix, a leading producer of sustainable recycled leather, to offer an exclusive glimpse into the creation of their innovative and eco-friendly leather. Using a tactile animated approach featuring supple and robust CG fibers, INK showcases the possibility of a sustainable and high-end lifestyle.

Founded in 2007, Gen Phoenix has over fifteen years of expertise in producing sustainable recycled leather and driving circularity on a large scale. The company draws inspiration from the cyclical regeneration of the phoenix, breathing new life into leather waste by transforming it into a sustainable alternative. This name change signifies a fresh generation of materials for the future of sustainability and underscores the company’s commitment to manufacturing environmentally friendly next-gen materials.

Earlier this year, Gen Phoenix secured 18 million dollars in funding to advance its mission of creating premium and environmentally conscious next-gen materials. The investment was led by venture capital firm Material Impact, with participation from industry leaders such as Dr. Martens, InMotion Ventures (the investment arm of Jaguar Land Rover), and Tapestry (the house of modern luxury lifestyle brands, including Coach, Stuart Weitzman, and Kate Spade).

Gen Phoenix’s groundbreaking process repurposes leather waste, diverting it away from landfills and turning it into a sustainable, durable material that surpasses traditional leather in every aspect. This transformation involves converting waste leather into fibers and entwining them around a high-performance core using only high-pressure water.

By combining bespoke photography and CG motion design, INK has reimagined the tactile journey through Gen Phoenix’s manufacturing facility, illustrating the path from recycled leather to the finest luxury goods. From the product lifecycle to an eco-conscious lifestyle, INK showcases that the realm of high-end luxury can indeed embrace sustainability, ushering in the next generation of eco-conscious materials.

Repurposing leather waste

David Macey, Co-Founder at INK, expressed pride in collaborating with Gen Phoenix to communicate their pioneering and sustainable leather recycling process. INK, headquartered in London, is a creative studio composed of artists and designers specializing in CGI, animation, and design. Positioned at the intersection of art and technology, INK is a forward-looking studio renowned for creating groundbreaking experiences and original artwork across various sectors, including fashion, technology, automotive, life sciences, and luxury brands.

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