Aaron Gutteridge

Head of Manufacturing

When Malcolm Gladwell wrote “The Outliers”, he must have had Aaron in mind.  Aaron has been managing factory operations since he was a teenager, and achieved his “10,000 hours” in factory management before the age of 20.  He joined Gen Phoenix in 2015 following 15 years at Fairline Yachts, where he started on the line and became a shift leader by the age of 18. By the age of 21 he was managing 5 supervisors and a team of 50 operators.  Having become known for his obsessive attention to detail and his ability to improve flagging operations, Aaron was later asked to assess and steamline Fairline’s warehouse operation, which he did in short order. 

Aaron initially joined Gen Phoenix to lead a continuous process improvement initiative at the company’s first 130,000 sq. ft factory. He spent his first years with the company improving the efficiency and velocity in fibre operations, warehousing, process engineering and coatings.  He later led the commissioning of the company’s new 220,000 sq. ft factory and now runs it, leading a team of more than 70 managers and operators.

Aaron’s “Outlier” success began in his youth as he mastered the art of taekwondo, achieving Black Belt 3rd dan status by the age of 17.  Unable to afford lessons, he coached younger students to pay for his own.  Training with the English National team, he competed in open championships across England, winning more than 50 times. 

Aaron enjoys fishing, travel and spending time with his wife and two young children.  A self-aware obsessive compulsive, he has recently taken up golf and intends to compete on the Legends Tour following his retirement from Gen Phoenix.

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